Frequently asked questions about the establishment of the Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county

Social, healthcare and rescue services will move from the municipalities to the wellbeing services counties on 1 January 2023. What changes will this bring? On this page, we will compile answers to the questions most frequently asked by our residents and partners.

Many questions are still unanswered; however, things will become clearer once the preparation work proceeds. You can submit more questions via the Ideal Social and Health Services Community, for example.

Questions about the impact of founding a wellbeing services county

Questions about local services and the opportunity to choose the services

Questions about organising the services

Questions about the data systems

Questions about costs, funding and subsidies

Questions about the decision-making in the wellbeing services county

Questions about the development of services and the participation opportunities

Questions about local services, healthcare services, special medical care and service vouchers

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Kysymyksiä lapsiperheiden palveluista

Kysymyksiä vammaisten palveluista ja kuljetuspalveluista

Kysymyksiä esteettömyydestä ja osallisuudesta

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