Child Psychiatric Unit, Espoo

We assess, observe, examine and treat pre-primary and primary school-age children from Espoo and help their families with major challenges related to child psychiatric issues.

We offer support in the form of consulting to networks that work with children daily. In situations requiring child psychiatric consultation, we provide anonymous support, guidance, counselling, and psychoeducation to support children and families in their everyday environments. Our work lasts for a fixed period and focuses on the specific needs of each child and family.

Network cooperation, mobile work, and psychoeducation are important parts of our work. We find it important to support children and families in their daily environments in a resource-oriented and encouraging way.

How clients are referred to us

Our partners who work with the children and their families will investigate the situation, challenges, and resources of each child and their family as comprehensively as possible and initiate support measures to help them with everyday life. If the assistance and support provided in everyday environments are insufficient and the child needs special support in relation to child psychiatric issues, our partners can consult the unit with the consent of the child’s parents/ guardians. In this case, a comprehensive look is taken at the child’s resources and challenges related to overall functional capacity. The aim is to find the most suitable form of support for the child and the family to make their everyday life easier.

The Child Psychiatric Unit is part of the services directed at children, young people and families in Espoo. The unit’s multidisciplinary team of professionals includes child psychiatrists, psychologists, a neuropsychologist, nurses, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a ward secretary, a service supervisor, and the unit manager.

The unit does not offer child psychiatric emergency services or acute consultation. Urgent cases requiring emergency services are always directly referred to a health centre by the consulting authority. Health centre staff will then assess the need for a referral to the HUS Child Psychiatric Acute Ward. 

Contact information

Pihatörmä 1 C,02240 Espoo

Contact persons

Once treatment has begun, the first point of contact should be the worker responsible for the child. We will respond to your contact request within two weeks.

If you are unable to come to a booked appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. Secretary +358 43 825 3984

Ongoing projects

There is an ongoing child psychiatric support project for early childhood education staff at the unit. Espoo, Kauniainen, Karkkila, Siuntio and Inkoo are involved in the pilot. The project is part of the Future health and social services project.

Additional information: Project Manager Emilia Säles, email: