Social services for families with children

We support families when they face challenges related to raising children or parenting. We help when families want to change their daily lives, life management, or interaction between family members.
In child upbringing and family counselling, we offer support for family life, relationships and children and young people’s growth.

Family social work

We offer support and guidance in various situations in life and even in minor concerns early on.
We help families with children in daily challenges in which they need support, new perspectives or solutions.
We offer families support and practical help with parenting issues and coping with their daily lives.
We offer support in stressful situations in life and strengthen families’ resources.
We provide systematic and goal-oriented volunteer work that promotes the wellbeing of children and young people with the help of a support person or family.

Other services

We support children, young people and their families so that children’s right to a safe growing environment is realised.
If you are concerned about the life management of your family member, friend, client or someone else you encounter, please submit a notification of concern.
We provide help in the change situations families face and for issues related to agreements. We protect the well-being of children when their parents separate, for example.