We diagnose, rule out and screen illnesses and compile a treatment plan, if needed.

Imaging is used to examine the human body using different methods. Imaging can entail taking images, but it can also be done in the form of measurements of the bodily, brain or nervous system functions. Imaging examinations can be used to diagnose or rule out various illnesses and, if necessary, plan effective treatment. The physician will assess whether the examination is necessary in terms of the overall picture and will make a referral to imaging examinations. The most common types of imaging examinations in primary health care are X-ray examinations and ultrasound examinations. The most common imaging examinations, such as bone and lung X-ray examinations, are performed without an appointment in HUS imaging units. Other types of examinations require an appointment, which can be made at the customer service of HUS imaging services by telephone. We recommend that you read the location-specific instructions for coming to HUS imaging services. If the examination requires preparations, you will receive the necessary preparation instructions when you make an appointment or from the health care unit sending the instructions.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The physician will assess whether an examination is necessary and make the necessary referrals to imaging examinations.

The service is free of charge.