Geriatric outpatient clinic

We conduct multi-professional assessments related to ageing, and we organise rehabilitation periods. The geriatric outpatient clinic operates in Espoo.

The geriatric evaluation and rehabilitation outpatient clinic is an outpatient clinic for the elderly, which is available for you with a physician's referral. The outpatient clinic provides multi-professional assessment, treatment and rehabilitation when you are concerned about your ability to function and need the help of several professionals. The outpatient clinic has a geriatrician, nurse, physiotherapist and an occupational therapist. You are responsible for the transport to the outpatient clinic. At the outpatient clinic, your ability to function will be assessed and your functional limitations will be examined and treated. Your relatives and loved ones are welcome to accompany you to the outpatient clinic. After the evaluations, the objectives of rehabilitation will be agreed with you. It is important that you are willing to change and prepared to work together to accomplish the objectives set together. After the evaluation, rehabilitation can continue at the geriatric evaluation and rehabilitation outpatient clinic or somewhere else, such as at home with home rehabilitation support. When your rehabilitation continues at the geriatric outpatient clinic, it includes group and individual visits once to three times a week up to three months. A remote computer connection from the outpatient clinic to your home is also available. You will receive a call from the outpatient clinic approximately one month after the rehabilitation period has ended. During the call, you can share your achievements in following the follow-up care instructions and exercises. The geriatric evaluation and rehabilitation outpatient clinic can also carry further rehabilitation after you have been discharged from the hospital.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The assessment and rehabilitation provided by the geriatric evaluation and rehabilitation outpatient clinic requires a referral from a physician when an elderly patient has an identified need for an extensive assessment of their functional ability and for multi-professional rehabilitation. The need for a single form of therapy does not constitute grounds for assessment or rehabilitation provided by the geriatric outpatient clinic.

The service is partly subject to a charge.