Oral health care

We support dental and oral health. We support self-care and prevent and treat oral health conditions.

Current issues at the oral health care:

Our phone numbers for booking and canceling dental appointments changed in spring 2023. To find the new numbers, simply select the desired service below and then choose your home municipality under the "Contact us" section.


For all age groups

We encourage and instruct people of all ages to maintain proper oral self-care.
We provide urgent dental care that cannot be postponed without worsening an illness or injury.
We treat malocclusion that makes it difficult for the teeth to develop and function normally.
We provide specialised dental care with a referral from a dentist.
Joskus aikataulut muuttuvat ja silloin on tärkeää, että peruutat sinulle varatun vastaanottoajan.

For adults

We provide adults with information on oral health as well as examinations, prevention and treatment of oral illnesses.
A service voucher is an alternative to the services that are directly provided or outsourced by the wellbeing services county.

For children and young people

We conduct oral health examinations for children under school age according to individual needs.
We conduct oral health examinations for schoolchildren according to individual needs.
We offer oral health examinations and necessary follow-up care for students.


We answer your questions on invoices, prices and payment arrangements.