Dental care for adults

We provide adults with information on oral health as well as examinations, prevention and treatment of oral illnesses.

Good and thorough self-care is important in maintaining good oral health. Adult oral health care services include promoting oral health, health counselling as well as oral illness research, prevention and treatment. Starting treatment is determined by the need for treatment and the urgency it requires. The urgency of the treatment is assessed when making an appointment. An individual care plan will be drafted during the dentist's examination appointment, which will also specify the schedule for the treatment and the approximate date of the next examination. If the patient's health is not considered to be endangered, non-urgent oral health care should be available within three months or six months at the latest. Special groups, such as people with intellectual disabilities and the elderly have their own operating models, where opportunities for adequate self-care and maintaining oral care are supported in a multidisciplinary manner. In temporary situations requiring treatment that are not covered by the treatment plan (e.g. a chipped tooth) and that do not require urgent treatment, our customer service will book an appointment by telephone. In certain regions, this is also possible electronically on the Internet. In addition to the dental clinics of one's well-being services county, dental care can also be arranged as a purchase service or with a service voucher at a private clinic. Everyone has the right to urgent first aid around the clock regardless of their place of residence. Emergency care is available on weekdays in the health care centres of the well-being services county. In the evenings, at weekends and during holidays, HUS is responsible for arranging emergency care.

Conditions for receiving the Service

All residents of the Well-being Services County can seek basic oral health care services.

The service is subject to a charge.