Dental care for children under school age

We conduct oral health examinations for children under school age according to individual needs.

Taking care of the child's teeth begins already during pregnancy. It is important to ensure that the parents' oral health is in good standing so that their mouths and teeth are healthy when the child is born. Parents expecting their first child have the opportunity to take part in a free oral health and care need assessment by a dental hygienist or dental assistant either at a video appointment or at a dental clinic. During the appointment, individual oral care needs will be discussed and counselling will be provided. The personnel will refer you to paid adult oral health care services from the consultation visit, if necessary. The clinic provides guidance in oral care for babies. Prevention is key in dental care for infants: Brush twice a day with fluoride-based toothpaste, use xylitol and maintain healthy eating and drinking habits. An oral health check is performed multiple times on children under school age before they reach school age. The check can also be performed more often according to individual needs. The child will receive an invitation to oral health checks. If the child requires treatment, follow-up appointments are made with a dentist.

Conditions for receiving the Service

An oral health examination is performed on children under school age at the ages of 1, 3 and 5.

The service is free of charge.