Orthodontic treatment

We treat malocclusion that makes it difficult for the teeth to develop and function normally.

The most common reason for orthodontic treatment is malocclusion, which makes it difficult for the teeth to develop or function normally. Malocclusion is often caused by hereditary factors, but tooth malposition can also be caused by, for example, harmful habits, such as the prolonged use of pacifiers in childhood. You should treat malocclusion, as it may interfere with chewing and cause pain in the head and face. Occlusion is assessed during an oral examination. Malocclusion in children is scored and severe cases of malocclusion can be remedied with orthodontic treatment. The largest group to visit orthodontic treatment is people aged 6 to 17 years old. As part of the orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to remove teeth so that all the teeth can fit in the dental arch. In adults, more severe cases of malocclusion are remedied in specialised treatment, to which the dentist makes a referral on the basis of the examination. The treatment package in specialised care is a result of cooperation between several different fields. If the malocclusion is severe, a simple orthodontic procedure may not be enough. In this case, jaw surgery is also necessary. Orthodontic treatment for aesthetic purposes is not done within public health care, but you can choose to seek treatment at a private dental clinic at your own expense. Orthodontic treatment lasts on average one to three years. The subsequent maintenance phase usually lasts two years. The aim of the treatment and the treatment plan will be described prior to starting the treatment. Orthodontic appliances should be used as per the instructions given and brought to each appointment. Good oral health is a prerequisite for the treatment. Teeth must be free from cavities and gingivitis and they must be cleaned thoroughly throughout the treatment. Important additional information about orthodontic treatment: - Starting treatment is voluntary. - If you start the treatment, we require that you adhere to the appointments and instructions. - You can personally influence the outcome of the treatment by following the instructions for using the appliances and by maintaining good oral and dental hygiene. - The treatment can be interrupted if you do not follow the instructions for using the appliances, if you clean your teeth inadequately or if you have missed three or more uncancellable appointments. - At the beginning of the orthodontic treatment, your teeth may feel sore for a few days.

Conditions for receiving the Service

An orthodontic specialist will determine the need for orthodontic treatment.

The service is partly subject to a charge.