Self-care and promoting oral health

We encourage and instruct people of all ages to maintain proper oral self-care.

A living environment that supports healthy choices is key in promoting oral health. The most important task to promote good oral and dental health is done at home with good self-care. Good oral hygiene helps you keep your mouth fresh, healthy and painless. Good oral hygiene habits are already adopted early in childhood and help you throughout life. A healthy mouth is an important part of a person's well-being and general health. The aim of oral care is to support oral self-care with instructions available on the Internet and through individual counselling at appointments. In addition, we offer guidance at various events, supported housing units, schools and day-care centres. Follow the instructions below to get far in preventing oral illnesses: Brush your teeth thoroughly in the morning and evening with fluoride-based toothpaste. Clean between your teeth daily. Have a regular and healthy diet. It is ideal for your teeth to have 4-6 meals a day. At the end of a meal, have a xylitol mint or a piece of chewing gum. Drink water to quench your thirst. Sports, energy, soft and light drinks and fresh juices have lots of acids that cause dental erosion. If they contain sugar, they cause tooth decay. Ensure healthy habits at all stages of life. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are particularly harmful to oral health. Have regular check-ups with an oral health care professional.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Oral health is promoted and self-care guidance is provided to everyone in connection with oral health examinations and treatment needs assessments as well as on the basis of the treatment plan drawn up during the examination. In addition, oral health is promoted in cooperation with other instances.

The service is subject to a charge.