Specialised dental care

We provide specialised dental care with a referral from a dentist.

The unit for specialised oral care offers special dental care. The services include the following: - oral and maxillo-facial surgery - treatment of gum and periodontal illnesses - demanding root canal treatment - demanding orthodontic treatment - dental fear treatment - replacement of missing teeth - treatment of masticatory system ailments. In addition, specialised oral care for children is covered by the service. The treatment is carried out by specialist dentists, who also supervise specialised or experienced dentists as well as dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental laboratories taking part in the treatment. You can become a customer with a referral from a dentist, on the basis of which the specialist dentist will assess your situation, your need for treatment and its urgency. During the appointment, you will have a discussion involving the treatment plan, schedule and, if necessary, the cost estimate for the treatment.

Conditions for receiving the Service

A dentist will determine the need for specialised dental care and make a referral to a unit that provides specialised care.

The service is subject to a charge.