Shopping service for the elderly

We assist our clients with shopping in cases where they aren’t able to do it independently or with the assistance of their relatives.

We can grant grocery service if you, for example, your functional ability has deteriorated, and you aren't able to take care of grocery shopping independently or with the help of close family members/persons. Primarily, we advise you to take care of the grocery services with the help of close family members/persons or private service providers.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The grocery service is intended for you if your functional ability has decreased to the extent that you are unable to buy groceries on your own or with the help of your loved ones regularly. Primarily, the aim is to arrange the grocery service with the help of relatives or private service providers. Grocery service assistance is primarily intended only for home care clients. The service is granted based on a service need assessment. In exceptional cases, home care may buy groceries on the client's behalf on a one-off basis, for example, to ensure sufficient nutrition in connection with the client being discharged quickly from the hospital if private services are not available.

The service is subject to a charge.