Short-term service housing for the elderly

We arrange planned care periods with the aim of supporting living at home.

You have the opportunity to undergo a short-term round-the-clock service housing period (short-term care) if you live at home and are cared for by your informal carer or a close family member/person and you need support to maintain your self-reliance and ability to function. The objective of short-term care is to support your living at home for as long as possible. Short-term care is systematic, most often arranged in the form of regular periods of care in nursing homes. Regular short-term care can be provided when it is necessary to support informal carers' coping and organise their statutory holidays. Short-term care can also be arranged quickly, for example, because of an informal carer's sudden illness, if it has a decisive impact on your coping at home. The need for short-term care is always determined individually on the basis of an overall assessment of the need for services. Customer management will agree on the time and duration of the treatment period with you. The reserved periods are binding. All nursing homes in Western Uusimaa adhere to common principles on service content and quality. In nursing homes, social and health care professionals support your self-reliance and encourage you to maintain your ability to function according to your coping. You can participate in joint events and activities according to your resources. In short-term care, you can participate in outdoor activities, sports, culture and hobby activities, among other things. In short-term care, you will receive a pre-furnished room, bedding and linen. If necessary, the service provider can wash your dirty clothes. Every day, you will have breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner as well as supper. Even a late-night snack, if necessary. Special diets are taken into account. You will need your medication and any aids you use with you. The nursing staff will make sure you take your medicine. There is no physician present in short-term care. During short-term care, only urgent medical conditions are treated. You are responsible for arranging and paying for transport to short-term care and back home.

Conditions for receiving the Service

You can apply for short-term round-the-clock service housing when your functional ability has deteriorated due to illness, injury or other similar reason and you need support for living at home. The service is granted to persons with an informal carer to enable statutory days off for the informal carer and also to support the resources of persons caring for their relatives without support for informal care as well as in acute crisis situations. The service may be granted to you on the basis of a service needs assessment. The assessment is conducted by a service instructor in cooperation with you and your relative(s), if necessary. A range of physical, mental, cognitive or social functional ability assessment scales will be used to support the assessment of the overall situation. The provision of short-term care is always based on service needs and not on other circumstances, such as the need for temporary housing.

The service is subject to a charge.