24-hour service housing for people with disabilities

We offer 24-hour service housing for people in need of round-the-clock assistance.

24-hour service housing is a service for clients who require round-the-clock support for their everyday life activities. The clients conclude their own lease agreements for their dwelling or room. In addition to care and guidance, 24-hour service housing also includes activities that maintain and promote the resident's functional ability, outdoor activities and exercise, meal and laundry services, washing and cleaning services as well as other necessary services round the clock. 24-hour service housing is provided by public and private service providers. 24-hour service housing can also be arranged in the client's home. 24-hour service housing in the client's home can consist of home care, informal care, personal assistance, a safety alarm service and a meal service.

Conditions for receiving the Service

24-hour service housing is intended for clients who need the help of another person on a continuous basis, at different times of the day or otherwise to a demanding extent to manage their daily activities due to their disability or illness. The clients need plenty of support at different times of the day due to a brain injury, an intellectual disability, an autism spectrum syndrome, a physical disability or a neurological illness. They have a decreased cognitive, physical, mental or social functional ability. The clients may have varying degrees of hearing, visual or physical impairment, other illnesses (e.g. epilepsy) or challenging behaviour. They need plenty of help in their daily activities as well as support for leading a life on their terms. The clients usually use mobility or communication aids. The clients are primarily aged 18 or older.

The service is partly subject to a charge.