Daytime activities for persons with disabilities

We provide meaningful group activities at activity centres.

Daytime activities that support coping independently, promote relationships and provide meaningful things to do are organised for persons with disabilities. Daytime activities can include playing games, listening to music, dancing or participating in other exercise activities, going outdoors as well as and conversing either freely or with instruction. The purpose of the activities is to support adulthood, self-reliance, participation and independence. Meaningful activities are organised for the clients based on their needs. The activities take into account the client's wishes, capabilities and resources. The activities take mainly place in groups, which enhances social skills and the ability to work together with others. Daytime activities are held at activity centres for clients aged 18 or older. Daytime activities organised as special care for people with intellectual disabilities include transport.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The clients receiving the service are persons with disabilities who cannot participate in work activities pursuant to the Social Welfare Act due to a very severe functional limitation caused by a disability or illness and whose livelihood is mainly based on benefits granted on the basis of an illness or a disability.

The service is free of charge.