Neuropsychiatric training for persons with disabilities

We support the everyday life management of persons living with a special neuropsychiatric difficulty.

A neuropsychiatric trainer provides advice and services for the neuropsychiatric challenges of children, adolescents, adults and families. Neuropsychiatric training is a way to support and guide children, adolescents and adults. Neuropsychiatric training is intended for persons who have a neuropsychiatric special difficulty (a linguistic special difficulty, learning difficulties, ADHD/ADD or an autism spectrum disorder). The training is systematic and goal-oriented and it is implemented in interaction with the person being trained and their network. In the neuropsychiatric training, the worker, the client and the parent of the child/adolescent look for solutions to various problem situations in everyday life. With the training, children, adolescents and adults can learn new ways to work and life management skills.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Neuropsychiatric training is intended for children who have completed adaptation training and whose parents have already received guidance from the care provider. In addition, the child is required to have a rehabilitation plan in which the child's need for training is established and/or the family has a special need to continue to pursue the goals of the rehabilitation under guidance, for example. Neuropsychiatric training can be arranged for adults if the basic services have not been adequate to meet the long-term need for guidance caused by the severe neuropsychiatric symptoms. In this case, the neuropsychiatric challenges are possibly associated with extensive learning difficulties or a mild intellectual disability. In the case of adult clients, their entire life history and academic history from childhood are also assessed in order to determine which aspects are most significantly present in the life management difficulties.

The service is free of charge.