Work activities for disabled people, Activities supporting employment for disabled people

We offer work activities and support familiarisation with working life.

Work activities and activities that support employment strengthen social inclusion and active citizenship. The aim is to learn about working life, develop skills required in working life and to provide individual or group coaching. Work activities involve work tasks organised for groups primarily at activity centres , for which the clients receive incentive pay. The activity centre staff provide the clients with support, advice and guidance in performing the work tasks. Activities supporting employment involve paid work in an ordinary workplace. The employee and the employer sign an employment agreement, which the employee commits to observe. A Disability Services work coach will introduce and support the employees in their work and also provide guidance to the employer as needed.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The work activities of activity centres are mainly intended for persons under the age of 65 with severe disabilities or intellectual disabilities. They are suitable for persons who are able to manage eating, dressing and performing other daily routines independently. Activities supporting employment are aimed at persons with intellectual disabilities who are able to act fairly independently, perform given tasks and adhere to other work-related rules, such as working hours. The main source of income for clients of activities supporting employment is pension income.

The service is free of charge.