Adult social work

We organise support, guidance and advice in various everyday life situations.

Adult social work is goal-oriented social work with individuals over the age of 18. You can contact adult social work when you need support, guidance and advice in a variety of difficult everyday situations. Together, we will find ways to improve the circumstances of your life. We can help you, for example, with matters related to employment, studies, financial concerns or housing. We cooperate with other operators to find the most suitable services for you. If you need financial support, you can also submit an application for supplementary or preventive social assistance to adult social work. If you are a new customer, contact your region's social welfare office. If you have an assigned personal worker, you will primarily take care of your errands as agreed with them.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The service is intended for you if - you are 30 years old or older - you would benefit from a service needs assessment and/or a client plan drawn up with a social welfare professional to examine which social welfare services would benefit you.

The service is free of charge.