Temporary sober housing for adults

We arrange temporary, intoxicant-free housing in situations that require urgent short-term help.

Temporary sober housing services are intended for homeless people and families who need urgent and short-term help or support to arrange housing due to special reasons. Together with you, we will explore temporary housing options and their possibilities. Temporary housing can also be arranged in the form of emergency accommodation in urgent situations, where the need for service lasts for a few days. Temporary housing services are always a temporary solution. Our aim is to support you in arranging more permanent housing and removing obstacles to doing so. A housing plan will be drawn up to support the objectives. If necessary, we will assess your overall situation and possible support needs and refer you to supported housing or other services. Support may consist of support and guidance that is provided by a housing counsellor or take place in a temporary housing unit. The support of various cooperation networks can also be used in drawing up the housing plan. If the homeless person or family can arrange temporary housing on their own, they can still be supported in matters related to future housing issues according to their needs. You can apply for the service through the assessment of a social welfare professional. A social welfare professional will make a decision on the service.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Temporary housing services are intended for - primarily homeless persons, - individuals and families who need urgent and temporary assistance or support with housing arrangements for a special reason, - clients with low income who cannot arrange temporary housing on their own. - Emergency housing services can be arranged for persons who are not residents of the municipality (e.g. undocumented persons). The service does not permit intoxicants. Before the service is arranged, other primary housing opportunities and services will be explored with a social welfare professional. The granting of the temporary housing service is based on a service needs assessment by a social welfare professional and a decision pursuant to the Social Welfare Act. The service is always granted for a fixed period.

The service is free of charge.