For young people

We look after the health and well-being of young people at all stages of their lives. We offer support and conversational help.

Mental health services

We offer help and support for young people in problems related to mood, coping with daily living or substance abuse.

Social services

We organise support, guidance and advice for young adults in various everyday life situations.
We support children, young people and their families so that children’s right to a safe growing environment is realised.
We support children and young people who have been taken into care or who have been in foster care and their networks after foster care has ended.
We ensure urgent assistance and the necessary social services in crisis situations during office hours.
We provide help in urgent matters of social welfare and in acute crisis situations around the clock.
If you are concerned about the life management of your family member, friend, client or someone else you encounter, please submit a notification of concern.

Student and pupil welfare

We support the learning, health and well-being of pupils and students.
We share information on contraception and methods of contraception as well as advice on sexual health matters.

Health centre services

We treat and research diseases and support health promotion and disease prevention.
We provide free and voluntary vaccines as per the national vaccination programme.
We diagnose, rule out and screen illnesses and do follow-up on how the treatment is working.

Dental care

We conduct oral health examinations for schoolchildren according to individual needs.
We offer oral health examinations and necessary follow-up care for students.