The political monitoring group submitted a proposal for the structure of the wellbeing services county’s representative bodies

Published: 24.1.2022 13.51Updated: 4.3.2022 15.39

In addition to the statutory representative bodies, the monitoring group’s proposal includes committees for services and resources, future and development, and preparedness and safety, a sub-committee for individuals’ matters, and an advisory board for the county council. The county council will make the final decision on the organisation of representative bodies. The monitoring group finished its work with the last meeting held on 20 January 2022.

Proposal for the structure of the representative body organisation of the Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county.

The statutory representative bodies of the wellbeing county include the county council and county board, auditing committee, national language committee, county elections committee, youth council, disability council and elderly council. Otherwise, the organisation of the representative bodies will be decided on by the council of Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county, which will convene for the first time on 7 March 2022. 

“The monitoring group recommends unanimously that the council approve this structure for the representative bodies. Based on the structure, we will negotiate on the division of seats among the political parties. The aim is for the representatives to be selected at the first council session,” says chair of the monitoring group Henrik Vuornos.

Proposal for the duties of the non-statutory committees and sub-committees:

  • The services and resources committee/sub-committee will deal with the availability of services, coordination of service chains and entities, procurement and production methods, availability of personnel and preparation of investments.
  • The future and development committee/sub-committee will deal with service reform policies, digitalisation, responding to the changes in the population’s service needs, the development of Swedish-language services, the matters of other language groups and the promotion of health and wellbeing.
  • The preparedness and safety committee/sub-committee will deal with the steering of the rescue services, preparedness planning and matters related to safety.
  • The individuals’ matters sub-committee will deal with the social and healthcare services related to individuals and families and any appeals lodged against office holders’ decisions, and decide on involuntary care, treatment and other measures determined by the law.
  • The advisory board for the county council will aim to reconcile the views of the council factions regarding matters under preparation, support the county board and monitor the achievement and progress of the following goals during the transition period: the good availability and quality of the services, active local democracy and regional representation, regional equality, visible and functional cooperation structures and ensuring the safe transition of the personnel.


More information:

  • The memorandum of the monitoring groups's meeting 20 January 2022 8 (in Finnish)