Results of the county elections in West Uusimaa

Published: 28.1.2022 13.58Updated: 4.3.2022 15.24

In West Uusimaa, the voter turnout in the county elections was 48.0%, slightly above the national average of 47.5%.

Women make up 68.4% of the members elected for the West Uusimaa County Council, whereas the proportion of women is 53% in the whole country.

Voter turnout in West Uusimaa by municipality(extrernal link)

The seats in the county council were divided between the parties as follows:

National Coalition Party 27
The Finnish Social Democratic Party 13
The Swedish People’s Party of Finland 12
The Greens 10
The Finns Party 6
The Left Alliance 4
Centre Party of Finland 3
Christian Democrats in Finland 2
Movement Now 1
Valta kuuluu kansalle 1

The distribution of seats by municipality was as follows:

Espoo 47
Kirkkonummi 8
Lohja 8
Vihti 6
Raasepori 5
Kauniainen 2
Hanko 1
Inkoo 1
Karkkila 1

The average age of elected members is 46 years in West Uusimaa and 51 years in the whole country. Of the elected members, 47 act as municipal councillors and 10 act as both Members of Parliament and municipal councillors.

Elected members’ names, parties, municipalities of residence and numbers of votes(extrernal link)