Birth control and sexual health advice services

We share information on contraception and methods of contraception as well as advice on sexual health matters.

At the birth control and sexual health advice services, you get professional advice on the prevention of pregnancy, information about contraception methods and advice on questions concerning sexual health and reproductive health. We help you find a contraception alternative that suits your situation in life. You can contact the birth control and sexual health advice services about the following things: - contraception; planning, start, change and possible questions related to contraception - contraception follow-up, for example, renewal of prescriptions for contraception - having a contraceptive coil or a contraceptive implant fitted, changed and removed - sexually transmitted diseases; advice, examination and treatment - questions related to the termination of pregnancy - discussion support in questions related to sexuality - disorders of a young person's menstrual cycle, such as painful, missing, or heavy periods - support, information and assistance in questions concerning sexual rights, sexual abuse, mistreatment and harassment.

Conditions for receiving the Service

All residents of the wellbeing services county are entitled to the birth control and sexual health advice services. The birth control and sexual health advice services are based on the Health Care Act (section 13). The wellbeing services county must also provide their residents with advice on contraception and other services that promote sexual and reproductive health.

The service is partly subject to a charge.