Family centre

We provide families with comprehensive support for matters related to raising children and parenting, and we monitor the health and development of children and young people.

Maternity and child health clinics

At the maternity clinic, we support the well-being of the mother, the unborn child and the entire family as well as prepare the family for parenting.
At the child health clinic, we monitor and support your child’s physical, mental and social development from infancy to school age.
We share information on contraception and methods of contraception as well as advice on sexual health matters.

For schoolchildren

We provide services to support primary school pupil's health and ability to study.
We support pupils in pre-primary and basic education in various situations in school and life.
We support pupils in pre-primary and basic education in matters related to emotional life and mental well-being.

For students in upper secondary education

We support upper secondary students’ health, well-being and ability to study.
We support young and adult upper secondary students in various situations in life.
We support young and adult upper secondary students in matters related to emotional life and mental well-being.

Rehabilitation of children and young people

In children’s speech therapy, we evaluate, support and guide the child’s interaction skills and linguistic development.
Occupational therapy supports children’s development and guides the adults in bolstering the abilities of their child.
We support the mobility, functional ability and independent daily living of customers of all ages. You will always need an appointment for physiotherapy.

Mental health services of children and young people

We offer help and support for young people in problems related to mood, coping with daily living or substance abuse.
We provide your family with support for parenting, supporting the age-appropriate development of your child and for identifying problems.
The service is designed to meet the individual needs of the child and the family.

Social services for families with children

We offer support in stressful situations in life and strengthen families’ resources.
We offer support and guidance in various situations in life and even in minor concerns early on.
In child upbringing and family counselling, we offer support for family life, relationships and children and young people’s growth.
We help families with children in daily challenges in which they need support, new perspectives or solutions.
We offer families support and practical help with parenting issues and coping with their daily lives.
We provide systematic and goal-oriented volunteer work that promotes the wellbeing of children and young people with the help of a support person or family.
We provide help in the change situations families face and for issues related to agreements. We protect the well-being of children when their parents separate, for example.
We support children, young people and their families so that children’s right to a safe growing environment is realised.
Our low-threshold meeting place activities are intended for all kinds of families, children and young people. At the meeting place, you will find peer support and a place to chat and play with others.