Occupational therapy for children

Occupational therapy supports children’s development and guides the adults in bolstering the abilities of their child.

Occupational therapy for children is part of the family centre's services. The aim of evaluating occupational therapy for children is to detect and identify factors that enable and hinder the child's ability to function. The aim of occupational therapy is to support your child's development and provide your family with ways to strengthen the child's skills in participating in activities important to them. Occupational therapy can be useful if your child has challenges with performing everyday activities as expected of their age. Everyday problem situations can include eating, getting dressed, moving from one place to another as well as spending time and playing with friends. The child may have difficulties in concentrating and/or performing activities that require fine and gross motor skills. The occupational therapist will individually assess and observe your child's ability to function in their everyday environment. The assessment is carried out in cooperation with the guardians and the child's place of early childhood education or school. Together with your family, the occupational therapist will agree on how occupational therapy will be arranged in your family's everyday life. If necessary, we will also cooperate with other family centre employees during occupational therapy, such as a speech therapist, psychologist, or family worker, in order to support your child's rehabilitation. It is possible to seek occupational therapy through the parent making contact, or through a referral made by a health care professional such as a psychologist or maternity and child health clinic nurse, or through one made by a special needs teacher of early childhood education.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Children under the age of 18 are entitled to the service. An assessment or referral from a social or health care professional or an early childhood education special-needs teacher is required to receive the service. The need for a referral varies between municipalities. If you are concerned about your child's development, bring the matter up with the maternity and child health clinic, your child's day care provider or school health care. In some municipalities, occupational therapists also provide telephone guidance to parents/guardians without a referral.

The service is free of charge.