Work for people experiencing domestic and intimate partner violence

We provide support and advice for victims of domestic violence and for women who use violence.

Domestic and intimate partner violence can occur regardless of culture, education, social status or wealth. Violence within families and intimate relationships is usually not a temporary, one-off event. It is often a gradually evolving process where various forms of violence and control are present in varying combinations. Violence is traumatising. Violence leaves its worst mark when it is committed by a loved one. The responsibility for violence always lies with the person who chooses to act violently. When the violence is long-term, the mere threat of violence, or the signs of it, maintains an atmosphere that seriously damages the well-being of the entire family. Coercion and threats normalise violence and make it difficult to seek help. Violence always harms the child, even if the violence is not directly directed at the child. For the child, violence against one parent can be as traumatic as being the direct victim of violence. All municipalities provide guidance and counselling related to domestic violence, and clients are always provided with individual services according to their situation. In Omatila, we help you to recognise the signs of domestic violence, to cope with what you have experienced and to break away from the violence. We provide you with conversational help, counselling and professionally guided peer support groups. If necessary, we will provide you with sheltered housing or a refuge in order to break the cycle of violence. We also attend to women who commit domestic violence.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The service is open to all residents of the Wellbeing Services County who have experienced intimate partner violence or domestic violence or the threat thereof. The service also helps women who use violence in intimate relationships.

The service is free of charge.