County Council approved the Wellbeing Services County strategy

Published: 28.10.2022 9.17

The County Council approved the first ever Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County’s strategy created together. The strategy steers the work of the Wellbeing Services County and describes the objectives of the Wellbeing Services County’s first council term 2023–2025.

“The strategy we approved today brought up a great deal of discussion in the County Council’s meeting. The strategy was approved in full, and it gives us a common direction for the long-term strategy of the Wellbeing Services County’s operations and economy. We are committed to continuing this strategy work in 2023, and the next steps are preparing the service level decision of the service strategy and rescue operations as well as creating the strategy meters. The operations of the Wellbeing Services County will begin in a little over two months. We are working every day to ensure services for the residents and the wellbeing of our employees while also creating a safe transition to the Wellbeing Services County for everyone,” says Jarno Limnéll, the Chair of the County Council. 

Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County strategy in Finnish ( link)


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