Autumn activities for volunteers working with the elderly

4.9.2023 8.26

HyTe’s VESA activities (Voluntary Activities to Assist Senior Citizens) aim to improve older people’s quality of life, promote their participation, and support the elderly in leading an active life. 

- Our volunteers offer their assistance and take the elderly outdoors, to shops, or to the doctor’s, and help them run errands. They guide groups, play games, read and exercise with older people. The VESA activities provide all seniors with equal opportunities for recreational pursuits and support from fellow human beings, regardless of their financial situation, says Rina Oksanen, specialist in voluntary activities at HyTe.

HyTe is an network organisation for organisations in the well-being, social welfare and health care sector in Uusimaa. HyTe helps and supports organisations that take care of people’s well-being and health.

– Hyte is a development partner for voluntary activities in the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County. We produce information to support the planning of outreach and preventive care for the elderly, Rina says.

Voluntary activities are managed and coordinated with support from paid NGO employees.

 – We undertake assistance tasks from older people, their families and professionals in home care, social work and the Senior info. We also send volunteers to senior centres and service centres, Rina lists.

VESA activities provide a channel for low-threshold voluntary activities that are easy to participate in according to your own schedule and interests. All people aged 18 or over and willing to help are welcomed as volunteers. All those aged 16 or over are welcome to the service centres.

 – We provide training to all our volunteers and offer support and various recreational activities along the way. Join us in our valuable activities that bring meaning to life, Rina encourages.

Activities for volunteers in autumn 2023  

  • 11 September 16–19 Volunteering for the elderly training at the Elä ja Asu Senior Centre in Leppävaara.  Registration and enquiries: Rina Oksanen, Specialist in VESA activities,
    tel. 0503214705, 
  • 21 September 9–15, Training for volunteers interested in becoming an outdoor buddy and in the use of assistive devices at the Kauklahti Elä ja Asu Senior Centre. Registration / enquiries 28 August–19 September, tel. 09 8166 0800 Mon-Fri 12–13 or
  • 4 October 1719 Introduction to organisations and short training in voluntary activities. Lohja City Hall Monkola. No pre-registration required. Enquiries to Lohjan Valikkotoiminta and Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County, Minna Paatero, Read more about the Voluntary organisations’ evening
  • 16 November 1619 Volunteering for the elderly training in Tapiola, in HyTe’s centre for civic activities (Kauppamiehentie 6, Espoo).  Registration and enquiries: Rina Oksanen, Specialist in VESA activities, tel. 0503214705, 

Information on grants for organisations

An information event will be organised on grants awarded by the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County to organisations and the related application process in September-October. The event will take place on 5 September 2023 from 16:30 to 18:00 at the centre for civic activities in Tapiola, Espoo (Kauppamiehentie 6).

The event is organised jointly by the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County/Interface team and HyTe. Pilvi Österman, interface manager, and Maria Tiilikkala, NGO cooperation specialist, provide information on the grant application process.

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