Communal housing for the elderly

We provide communal rental housing when living at home is no longer possible, but there is also no need for continuous aid.

Communal housing is a good option for you when your ability to function has decreased due to old age, illness or other similar reason, and your need for treatment and care has increased. It is no longer possible to arrange housing that is safe for you in your previous home, but you do not have a constant need for help at night. Communal housing supports you in living your life on your terms and maintaining your well-being, health and relationships. In the case of communal housing, the well-being services county provides you with a rental dwelling based on a determined need for services in an accessible and safe environment. Alternatively, you can also apply for communal housing (residential care home) provided by private service providers. You are responsible for furnishing your dwelling. In addition to your own dwelling, the communal housing also includes shared spaces and common activities for residents. The service includes treatment and care according to your service needs. You can acquire other services you need (e.g. meal, cleaning and laundry services) from residential care home partners of your choice. We will help you arrange the right services for you. You can live in communal housing for as long as we can meet your service needs. You can live in some of the residential care homes for the rest of your life.

Conditions for receiving the Service

You can apply for communal housing when you can no longer live safely in your home with the help of outpatient care, but you do not need constant help at night. The service can be granted to you if you have reduced functional capacity and you can mainly perform daily activities with the help of one person or using and aid. A range of physical, mental, cognitive or social functional ability assessment scales will be used to support the assessment of the overall situation. The prerequisite for the service is that you have already tried home care services, informal care or other services that support living at home to support your everyday life, but they have been deemed insufficient. All residential care homes maintained by private service providers select their own residents.

The service is subject to a charge.