When you are discharged from the emergency outpatient clinic or inpatient care, the discharge team will help you in a way that makes your discharge safe and smooth. The discharge team will also help you when you otherwise need short-term support to cope at home. The discharge team has a nurse, practical nurse as well as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, and a service instructor that you can meet. They can come and see you when you are still in the hospital. In some cases, they will come for a home visit if so is agreed. The discharge team can work together with your relatives, home care and others involved in your treatment. If you need long-term support to cope at home, the discharge team will refer you to home care or other services. There are regional differences in the availability of the service.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The discharge team service requires the contact of the health care professional treating the patient. In some municipalities, the client or their loved one can also contact the discharge team.

The service is partly subject to a charge.