Services for war veterans and disabled veterans

Services for front-line veterans are provided to front-line veterans living in Finland, who participated in the wars during 1939-1945, and who have the front-line veteran's badge, the front-line service badge or the front-line badge. At least 10% of the disabled veterans receive outpatient services for disabled veterans. According to the Military Injuries Act, the outpatient services of the wellbeing services county may also be covered for a person who has been injured or fallen ill as a conscript or a peacekeeper before 1991, whose disability is at least 20%. The purpose of the services for veterans is to activate veterans and support their living at home. Veterans' services are services to support living at home, as well as rehabilitation services for front-line veterans. The government annually allocates the appropriations for arranging veterans' services. Home care and home care allowance services may be issued to disabled veterans as outpatient services. The purpose of the services is to provide support to disabled veterans living at home. The client coordinator, who is responsible for assessing your service needs, has extensive expertise and appropriate qualifications for the job, as determined by law. Your situation is assessed using reliable and diverse methods. The client coordinator works with you to draw up an individual client plan, which includes a rehabilitation and services arrangement that suits your needs and ensures that you receive the services that you need. The client coordinator monitors your situation and cooperates with the other employees working with you. If your situation changes, the client coordinator works with you to assess your new needs and coordinates your services.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Counselling for the elderly can be contacted by a war veteran or a disabled veteran, people close to them or a municipal resident.

The service is free of charge.