Disability Services customer service

We give you advice in situations where your disability or illness causes difficulties, such as living and moving around.

You can contact the Disability Services customer service, for example, by phone or by making an appointment at the service point of your own municipality in the wellbeing services county. The customer service does not make decisions related to any services. Clients can contact the Disability Services if their disability or illness causes problems with housing, mobility or coping at home. An appointment must be booked for all client meetings. Employees of the Disability Services are experts in matters related to applying for and using the services as per the Act on Disability Services and Assistance, in particular. Where possible, guidance is also provided in other questions related to the social security and social services of people with disabilities. If necessary, cooperation will be arranged with home care services, health care services and instances providing other services.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The Disability Services customer service is intended for everyone who has questions or needs guidance related to the disability services.

The service is free of charge.