Cross-Sectoral Joint Service Promoting Employment (TYP)

We provide personal support for becoming employment by combining different services.

In the Cross-Sectoral Joint Service Promoting Employment (TYP), you will receive individual support for your employment. The aim of the service is to integrate employment services, social welfare and health care services as well as Kela services according to your needs. The social welfare and health care professionals of the TYP services provide you with guidance and counselling on matters related to your health, ability to work and rehabilitation. You will receive information on various services and on how to apply for them. If necessary, you will be guided in applying for and integrating various forms of financial assistance. The activities are defined by the Act on Multisectoral Joint Services Promoting Employment (1369/2014).

Conditions for receiving the Service

An expert from the employment services, the Wellbeing Services County or Kela will assess your need for the cross-sectoral joint service in the following cases: - you have received the labour market subsidy on the basis of unemployment for at least 300 days - you are 25 years old or older and have been unemployed for 12 consecutive months - you are under the age of 25 and have been unemployed for 6 consecutive months. If the promotion of your employment requires the integration of the services and the service process that the employment services, Wellbeing Services County and Kela are responsible for organising, an expert will refer you to the cross-sectoral joint service. You can also consult your personal employment services expert about the possibility of receiving services from the cross-sectoral joint service. ( (Does not exist in English)

The service is free of charge.