The transition to Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County will be at hand soon

Published: 23.11.2022 7.59Updated: 5.12.2022 10.56
Drawing of the map of Western Uusimaa wellbeing services county with text Länsi-Uudenmaan hyvinvointialue, Västra Nylands välfärdsområde.

The Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County was built on a foundation consisting of the healthcare and social welfare services of ten municipalities and the Western Uusimaa Rescue Department. Our Wellbeing Services County serves a population of nearly half a million people and has nine thousand employees.

From the perspective of residents and personnel, most things will remain exactly the same. Services will be available at the same familiar places as before.

Once the transition phase is over and the county’s operations have been established, we will reform and develop the services in our county together. 

At the turn of the year, there may be temporary delays and disruptions in some services. Patience is required of everyone during such a large-scale transition. 

There are five service areas in Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County:

  1. Services for seniors
  2. Services for children, young people and families
  3. Joint healthcare and social services
  4. Disability services
  5. Western Uusimaa Rescue Department 

What will stay the same

These things will stay the same for residents:

  • Services to residents will be produced the same way as before. 
  • Residents will have access to digital services as before.
  • During the transition, customers will be directed to mainly seek out services in their home municipality in non-urgent matters. 
  • Service vouchers will remain an option in the service production of the wellbeing services county.
  • At the start of 2023, the existing customer and patient data systems will mainly be in use.
  • The psychologists’ and school welfare officers’ services will continue to be offered at educational institutions.
  • Urgent healthcare services will be available at all health stations in the wellbeing services county.
  • The rescue services will remain as they are, as will the operations of the volunteer fire brigades. 
  • The operations of the emergency response centres will not change – the national emergency number is still 112.

Upcoming key changes

Upcoming key changes from the residents’ perspective:

  • The phone numbers of services used by customers will change in stages.
  • Moving forward, the services will be detailed on the website in English, Finnish and Swedish.
  • The customer fees of healthcare and social services and principles of granting allowances will be consistent across the county. Customer fees are governed by law, and they are adjusted to the customer’s financial situation. The customer fees will be decided in December.
  • The Seniori-info service will open – information and support for seniors at a single point of contact.
  • Senior Info has two service numbers: ​
    • Eastern region (Espoo, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi): 029 1512 270​
    • Western region (Hanko, Inkoo, Karkkila, Lohja, Raasepori, Siuntio ja Vihti): 029 1512 280

Changes to phone numbers

  • When transitioning to the wellbeing services county, phone numbers starting with 09 and 019 will be replaced with numbers starting with 029 151.
  • The wellbeing services county will adopt a single system for managing customer service calls
  • We will stop using the old systems and phone numbers once we start using the new phone system. The transition to the new system will be done in stages and by each service line.
  • Residents will call the new number, moving forward. At the time of transition, the old numbers will have an announcement saying ‘the number has changed.’
  • The new numbers will be announced to residents primarily via the website.

Who do I contact next year if I fall ill?

You can contact a health station, just like before. The phone numbers will be changed gradually from the start of the year onwards. We will be providing more information about the gradual changing of phone numbers on the website, in addition to which those calling old phone numbers will be greeted by recordings instructing them to call the new numbers.

I have an appointment scheduled, will it remain in effect?

Yes, all current services and scheduled appointments will remain in effect after the turn of the year. 

Information and communication of the Wellbeing Services County