Acknowledge receiving information on Kanta services online to make using the services easier

4.1.2023 8.55Updated: 4.1.2023 10.05

Patient record entries, test results and prescriptions prepared by social welfare and healthcare professionals will be stored in the national Kanta service. You can also view your own data in the My Kanta Pages service.

Due to the wellbeing county reform, residents should be informed about Kanta services again. By receiving Kanta information, you state that you have received information about Kanta services, data processing and your rights to impact information processing. This will ensure that social welfare and healthcare professionals can use the care data recorded in Kanta when the care relationship is transferred between different service providers. More information on data sharing after the wellbeing services county reform: link)

How do I acknowledge that I have received Kanta information?

You can receive new information on Kanta services when you visit healthcare services or independently via My Kanta Pages. We recommend that you receive new information on Kanta via My Kanta Pages if you are able to access them.

  1. How to receive new information on Kanta services independently via My Kanta Pages:
  1. Log in to My Kanta Pages(external link).
  2. Information on Kanta opens in a new window.
  3. Read the text and acknowledge that you have read it.

You or the person acting on your behalf must acknowledge the reception of Kanta information before you can use My Kanta Pages.

  1. How to receive new information on Kanta services when visiting healthcare services:

A healthcare professional will provide you with new information on Kanta services and make a note of information being given in the information system. After this, your patient information will be available to HUS professionals, for example, when they treat you.

Why is receiving information on Kanta important?

Receiving new information on Kanta services is important, because patient records drafted in the wellbeing services county can only be viewed at HUS, for example, after you have received the new Kanta information. New information on Kanta will also provide more detailed information on the temporary right of access to information in Uusimaa, on which the visibility of patient information in the Uusimaa region is based from 1 January 2023 onwards.

For the smooth functioning of healthcare and social services, it is important that professionals have comprehensive and up-to-date information on the client. For example, if you visit a health station in Hanko and are sent to HUS for specialised healthcare, it is important that HUS professionals are able to, if necessary, view the information recorded about you in our wellbeing services county.