Online service helps personal assistance employers

24.1.2023 17.22

Since the beginning of 2023, clients who are employers of personal assistants have been able to report the working hours, annual holidays, sick leaves, and other absences of their assistants by recording them in the online service. The service is already being used by several hundreds of employers of personal assistants. The Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County expanded the online service to cover the entire area as soon as the wellbeing services county started operations.

Online service makes it easier to be an employer

Personal assistance refers to assistance in the daily lives of persons with disabilities. A person with disabilities may be the employer of their personal assistant. The wellbeing services county helps personal assistance employers where needed by being the substitute payer, whereupon the employer does not have to care about the obligations related to the payment of wages.  

The online service simplifies the task of being an employer of a personal assistant.  The service offers improved possibilities to follow up the realised working hours and, thus, adds fluidity to the payment of wages and improves the legal protection of all parties. The risks related to delays in the payment of wages are also reduced. Compared to providing documents in paper format, using the online service is faster, steadier, and more secure. The information recorded in the online service can be viewed later, and there is no need for duplicates in paper format.  

Disability services guides the user in the initial stages 

Employers of personal assistants do not need to have skills related to the payment of wages. The personnel of the disability services take care of the payment of the wages and checks the records. 
The online service can be used on a computer, a tablet computer, or a smartphone. In order to use the service, you need an internet connection. There is no need to install programmes to be able to use the service. The online service is secure to use, and online banking codes are used in the user identification. 

There are written instruction for the use of the service and the disability services arrange training for the use of the service, if needed. All employers can start using the service. The service is easy to use, and we encourage all employers to try it out. 

The address of the online service is link)

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