International recruitment of nurses in the wellbeing services county

15.9.2023 12.44

The West Uusimaa Wellbeing Services county employs 25 people from the Philippines who were hired through an international recruitment process. In October 2023, 27 new Filipino nurses will begin working for the wellbeing services county’s services for the elderly.

The first Filipino nurses were recruited by the City of Espoo’s Welfare and Health Sector in October 2021 as a pilot project for international nurse recruitment. These 25 nurses transferred to the West Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County starting from 1 January 2023.

Seure Oy, which had put recruitment companies out to tender for the use of its client organisations, was selected as a partner in international recruitment.  According to the agreement, Silkkitie Oy is responsible for providing training in the country of origin, the recruitment of nurses and relocation services in Finland.

The nurses’ settlement experiences in Finland are followed up regularly

The first Filipino nurses recruited through Silkkitie Oy began working in housing services for the disabled (6), Espoo Hospital (8) and in housing services for the elderly (11) in September 2022.

- After the nurses arrived, we monitored their settlement experiences in Finland and in our work community. In the early stages, we held follow-up meetings with the supervisors of the receiving work communities once a week to discuss any concerns that had emerged. We also arranged a joint afternoon discussion for the Filipino nurses and their workplace instructors. We also invited the secretary of the Finnish-Philippine Society to participate, says Miika Puolitaival, Director of Career Services at the West Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County.

- In spring 2023, we conducted an external follow-up study on the experiences of the Filipino nurses and their workplace instructors. The survey also included a survey for supervisors. Responses were processed anonymously, Puolitaival says.

In the early stages, the supervisors, Filipino nurses and workplace instructors were concerned about housing issues and delays in the official processes. As an employer, we have actively addressed these concerns by providing feedback to Silkkitie Oy and by bringing any shortcomings to the attention of national working groups.

- We have modelled a reception process for internationally recruited nurses and are developing it continuously based on the results of follow-up studies. The model includes work community coaching, co-operation with suppliers and follow-up meetings with work communities, Puolitaival adds.

Any shortcomings can be reported

We ensure that any parties recruited by our wellbeing services county have the opportunity to give continuous feedback and to report any shortcomings. Our entire personnel have access to an internal channel for reporting suspected work-related misconduct or criminal behaviour, in which they can submit reports either anonymously or under their own names.

The next 27 Filipino nurses recruited through Seure and Silkkitie Oy will begin working for the West Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County’s services for the elderly in October 2023. The reception and orientation process will be carried out in accordance with the wellbeing services county’s model for international recruitment.

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