Notification of concern

If you are concerned about the life management of your family member, friend, client or someone else you encounter, please submit a notification of concern.

Are you concerned about the life management, substance abuse, income or the situation of children of your client, family member, friend or someone else you encounter? Contact the social services of your municipality and we will assess what kind of help we can offer.

Anyone who is concerned about the life situation of another person can make submit a notification.

Additionally, representatives of several professions are obligated to notify social welfare services if they in their work become aware of a person with an obvious need of social welfare. 

  • Persons bound by the contact obligation include health care professionals, social welfare officers and those employed by the Social Services, Education Office, Sports Office, Early Childhood Education, Rescue Services, Emergency Services, Customs, Police, Criminal Sanctions Agency, Employment Office, Social Insurance Institution and Enforcement authorities. 
  • If the person is obviously unable to care for themselves or for their health or safety, or if the best interest of a child so absolutely requires, you must immediately submit a notification, even without the consent of the person in need of help. Secrecy regulations do not prevent submitting a notification.

Select your municipality below so that you can review the more detailed instructions.

If you are concerned about an elderly person, the fastest and easiest way to submit a notification of concern is to call or send an email to Senior info.

In cases of emergency call 112.

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