Student health care services

We support upper secondary students’ health, well-being and ability to study.

Student welfare services are predominantly preventive activities that support the educational community. In addition, pupils and students have the right to receive individual student welfare services. Student health care services provide health care and medical care, which is often provided in health centres. As a secondary education student, you can book two health examinations from student health care services, one for a nurse and the other one for a physician. The call-up health examinations for conscripts are carried out in student health care. In addition, student health care services provide you with health care and medical care services according to your individual needs, such as in mental health, substance abuse and sexual health matters. Health care during your internship is provided through student health care services. Student health care can also provide you with support and help with figuring out challenges related to your studies. Your public health nurse and physician will work with you in cooperation with the other operators of your educational institution. Student health care services are part of the family centre services provided by the well-being services county. The services can also cooperate with other social and health care services. Communal student welfare is a primary and preventative measure. Communal student welfare refers to an educational institution's operating culture that promotes students' learning, health and well-being, social responsibility as well as interaction and inclusion.

Conditions for receiving the Service

You are entitled to the student health care services of the Western Uusimaa Wellbeing Services County regardless of your municipality of residence, if you are attending an upper secondary education that makes you eligible for student financial aid. In addition, you are studying on a full-time basis for at least two months. The student health care services are also available to you during your on-the-job training and internship.

The service is free of charge.

Summer hours

  • School and student health services at educational institutions are closed from 3 July to 30 July 2023.

  • School and student psychologist and social worker services are closed from 26 June to 30 July 2023.