Student welfare school psychologist services

We support pupils in pre-primary and basic education as well as young and adult upper secondary students in matters related to emotional life and mental well-being.

Student welfare services are predominantly preventive activities that support the educational community. In addition, pupils and students have the right to receive individual student welfare services. Sometimes your life situation can change so that you feel the need to discuss it alone with a student welfare professional. The discussions are confidential and voluntary. You can discuss the following topics with a psychologist, among other things: - learning and school attendance - behaviour - emotional life and mental well-being - personal growth and development. As the guardian of a child or young person, you can receive guidance and advice from a psychologist regarding e.g. school attendance, studies, parenting and upbringing. If necessary, the psychologist will cooperate with, for example, other student welfare staff, other family centre services or similar instances. Communal student welfare is a primary and preventative measure. Communal student welfare refers to the operating culture of an educational institution that promotes: - the pupils' and student's learning - health and well-being - social responsibility - interaction and inclusion. The psychologist contributes to the educational institution's communal student welfare services and multi-professional activities with their expertise.

Conditions for receiving the Service

When you are attending pre-primary education, basic education or an upper secondary school or vocational institution, you have a right to use psychologist services regardless of your municipality of residence. The psychologist service is voluntary and free of charge.

The service is free of charge.