Speech therapy for adults

We provide assistance and support for adults with difficulties in understanding, producing sound or swallowing. You can only access speech therapy services by making an appointment.

Speech therapy for adults in outpatient rehabilitation services is intended for people who have difficulties speaking, understanding speech, producing sound or swallowing.  These difficulties may be the result of an illness or injury. The aim of speech therapy for adults is to improve your everyday communication skills. After the speech therapeutic assessment, we aim to provide guidance and counselling (for you and your relatives and loved ones), evaluation of communication aids and guidance on their use as well as organise rehabilitation to achieve your objectives. If necessary, we will cooperate multi-professionally to support your rehabilitation. Speech therapy for adults is carried out as individual or group sessions. You can apply for speech therapy yourself or on the recommendation of a nurse, doctor or other social or health care professional. You can book a speech therapy session yourself by contacting us. If the client's rehabilitation does not progress solely with the expertise of therapists and/or a medical statement is needed, the client can be referred to their own health centre doctor's appointment. You may need a referral from a health centre physician in order to assess your rehabilitation needs.

Conditions for receiving the Service

You can apply for outpatient health care rehabilitation services without a referral from a doctor. If your rehabilitation does not progress by therapeutic means or a medical statement is needed, we can refer you to a health centre doctor's appointment or you may need a referral from one to assess your rehabilitation needs. When another instance, such as Kela, is responsible for providing rehabilitation, primary health care rehabilitation will not be granted as a supplement to the rehabilitation provided by Kela. A healthcare professional will assess your situation and draw up a rehabilitation plan with you. The starting point for rehabilitation is that when your functional ability has changed due to an illness or disability, we will support your functional ability and independence by means of rehabilitation.

The service is partly subject to a charge.

You will find the prices of the service on the site for client fees.