Rehabilitation and therapy

Through rehabilitation and therapy, we enhance your capacity for managing your daily life.

For all age groups

We lend assistive equipment so that you can improve your functional ability and the ability to cope with daily living.
We support the mobility, functional ability and independent daily living of customers of all ages.
We provide podiatry services for people whose foot health is jeopardised by an underlying medical condition.
We assess the need for a rehabilitation plan and physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
This service provides you with information on various rehabilitation opportunities to make it easier to live with an illness or injury.
We provide advice and guidance in matters related to diet.

For children and families

In children’s speech therapy, we evaluate, support and guide the child’s interaction skills and linguistic development.
Occupational therapy supports children’s development and guides the adults in bolstering the abilities of their child.

For adults

We support your work and functional ability, and strengthen your everyday life management skills to support employment.
We provide assistance and support for adults with difficulties in understanding, producing sound or swallowing.
We offer help in strengthening social abilities, supporting interaction skills and the managing daily living.
We provide rehabilitation services to those who suffer from an illness or disability that reduces their functional ability or makes their ability to cope with daily living more difficult.

For the elderly

Home rehabilitation supports and guides you when you have difficulties in moving or accomplishing everyday tasks. 
In rehabilitative daytime activities, our goal is to promote your resources, physical ability to function as well as social interaction.
We organise short-term institutional care for the duration of the rehabilitation or assessment of the current situation.