We support the mobility, functional ability and independent daily living of customers of all ages. You will always need an appointment for physiotherapy.

The aim of outpatient health care physiotherapy is to support and promote your mobility and ability to function, you coping independently as well as the use of your resources in your everyday activities. We are there for you in various phases and situations of your life.  Physiotherapy focuses on examination, guidance and advice, follow-up as well as group activities. We carry out physiotherapy both as individual and group visits. We will assess your situation individually and, if necessary, cooperate multi-professionally to support your rehabilitation. If your rehabilitation does not progress by physiotherapeutic means or a medical statement is needed, we can refer you to a health centre doctor's appointment. The direct access physiotherapy is a first visit intended for people over the age of 16, to which you will be referred when contacting the health centre. You can go to the direct access physiotherapy instead of a doctor's appointment if you have an acute musculoskeletal problem. Family coaching in physiotherapy is mainly a group activity intended for mothers giving birth for the first time, for which you can apply during pregnancy and after childbirth. In physiotherapy for children, we support and guide your child's motor skills development and encourage your family to exercise your child independently. The physiotherapist also examines and guides your child in musculoskeletal problems. Physiotherapy involves multi-professional cooperation with maternity and child health clinics and school health care, among other things. You can apply for physiotherapy yourself or on the recommendation of a nurse, doctor or other healthcare professional. You may need a referral from your health centre doctor in order to assess your rehabilitation needs. You can book a physiotherapy appointment by contacting us.

Conditions for receiving the Service

You can apply for outpatient health care rehabilitation services without a referral from a doctor. If your rehabilitation does not progress by therapeutic means or a medical statement is needed, we can refer you to a health centre doctor's appointment or you may need a referral from a doctor to assess your rehabilitation needs. When another instance, such as Kela, is responsible for providing rehabilitation, primary health care rehabilitation will not be granted as a supplement to the rehabilitation provided by Kela. A healthcare professional will assess your situation and draw up a rehabilitation plan with you. The starting point for rehabilitation is that when your functional ability has changed due to an illness or disability, we will support your functional ability and independence by means of rehabilitation.

The service is partly subject to a charge.

You will find the prices of the service on the site for client fees.