Occupational health care

The company is obliged to provide its employees with occupational health care services. The same applies to, for example, private persons who have a personal assistant. Occupational health care includes assessing how healthy and safe the work and working conditions are as well as preventing occupational health risks. The occupational health care provider assesses the employee's state of health and ability to work and function at the beginning of the employment relationship as well as periodically, as deemed necessary. If necessary, the employee is referred to treatment or rehabilitation. The well-being services county has agreed to provide occupational health care under its organising responsibility with private service providers.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Employees are entitled to occupational health care. The employer decides how this is provided. An employer may agree directly with a private service provider on the provision of occupational health care, or use an instance designated by the well-being services county. Occupational health care always involves making an occupational health care contract between the employer and the service provider for occupational health care.

The service is subject to a charge.