Client's finance management (intermediate account services)

The intermediate account service helps you maintain your finances when you have trouble managing your financial matters.

Client's finance management and intermediation of funds (from now on referred to simply as "intermediate account services") is a social welfare service, in which you entrust your finances to the social services in a situation where you have difficulties managing your finances. A social worker will assess whether you need intermediate account services. In connection with the services, we will assess your financial capability together and draw up a plan for the future. The purpose of intermediate account services is to secure your housing (e.g. by ensuring that a portion of your income is allocated directly to paying rent on time) and livelihood as well as to prevent additional indebtedness. The service is meant to be temporary. The aim is to either support you through suitable services so that you can manage your finances independently after the service period or, if deemed beneficial, to help you get under guardianship. The service does not include applying for assistance on your behalf or requesting invoices from your invoicers. Kela may also intermediate your finances by paying invoices directly to the invoicer or the landlord. This possibility should be examined before considering intermediate account services. Creating an intermediate account requires your consent, with certain exceptions.

Conditions for receiving the Service

The intermediate account services are intended for clients who have difficulties managing their finances. A social worker will assess your need for intermediate account services.

The service is free of charge.