Economic social work

We advice and guide people in challenging financial situations.

In economic social work, your financial situation will be reviewed in cooperation with a professional. We support and strive to improve your situation and financial wellbeing. We will strengthen your financial skills and financial capability as well as strive to create financial opportunities for you. Economic social work is intended to help and advise people in financially vulnerable situations. We help you to access services as well as financial information, education and guidance. The aim is to strengthen your position, living conditions and financial capability by providing you the means and tools to manage your finances and to improve your financial situation. The aim is for you to be able to manage your finances independently after receiving the support from economic social work. The support may include financial guidance, supplementary or preventive social assistance, social loaning, financial counselling or intermediate account services (in other words, the management of finances and the intermediation of funds as a social service). The work may involve individual meetings or participation in a group. The methods of economic social work vary between municipalities. We also cooperate with other parties, such as financial and debt counselling, the enforcement office, and guardianship services.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Economic social work is intended in particular to help people in financially vulnerable situations and to give advice for cooperation partners (e.g. financial and debt counselling, the enforcement office, and the guardianship services).

The service is free of charge.