Intensive family work

We cooperate closely with children and their families in situations that require strong support.

If your family or child needs strong support and a change in the current situation and you are customers of child welfare services, you can be provided with intensive family work. Child welfare services are special services provided by the family centre. A family centre is a set of services where your family can find services that promote well-being, health, growth and development as well as early support, care and rehabilitation services and special services for children, young people and families. In intensive family work, work takes place at home, in different environments of the child's and family's everyday life, or at a child welfare office. The work can include working with individual family members, the entire family and with the family's network. The exact content, way of carrying out and duration of the work are always determined according to the child's and family's situation. Intensive family work can be provided to a wide variety of needs for change. Examples of situations requiring change include: · the parents' or children's lack of management of daily activities · substance abuse · mental health problems · behavioural issues · supporting families with babies or divorced families in a changed situation Intensive family work is professional support in structuring a family's need for change and finding suitable measures. This can mean, for example, working on family interaction and operating models, assessing the child's and family's situation to determine the need for placement, or working with the family community of a child living in foster care. Your child's best interests are always taken into account in the support assessment. Intensive family work must be intensive and it must also include preparing for sudden changes in the child's and family's situation or for changes in the need for support. It must be possible to determine the intensity of intensive family work flexibly in relation to both the protection of the child and to other needs for support and objectives of the work. Intensive family work is free of charge for your family.