Child health clinic

At the child health clinic, we monitor and support your child’s physical, mental and social development from infancy to school age.

The services of the child health clinic are part of the family centre. The child health clinic monitors and promotes the physical, mental, and social growth as well as development of your child under school age. In addition, the discussions at the clinic involve, among other things, the family's well-being and parenting, bringing up children, nutrition, mood, and substance abuse. The aim is to find solutions to different kinds of support needs as early on as possible with your family. If necessary and with your permission, cooperation will involve other professionals of the family centre. The clinic also annually examines the need for support for those children who have missed their health examinations. During the first year of your baby's life, you will visit the child health clinic once a month on average, then annually and whenever necessary. According to recommendations, children under school age undergo at least 15 health examinations, five of which also include an examination by a doctor. In addition to various examinations, the health examinations include health promotion, interviews and guidance that supports your family's resources. In the child health clinic, your child is offered vaccinations as per the national vaccination programme. It is not allowed to visit the child health clinic when you are ill or your child is ill; the clinic also does not treat children who have urgently fallen ill, but you can ask a nurse for advice. Part of the child health clinic's doctor's examinations are conducted in cooperation with a nurse. According to your family's needs, the doctor may also work with other professionals, meet with you during additional follow-up visits or consult a specialist.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Children under school age are entitled to the child health clinic services. These services are covered by primary health care, and they are free of charge and voluntary for clients. The child health clinic services are based on the Health Care Act (Section 15).

The service is free of charge.

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