Psychologist services for children under school age

We provide your family with support for parenting, supporting the age-appropriate development of your child and for identifying problems.

Psychologist services for children under school age are part of the family centre. A family centre is a set of services where your family can find services that promote well-being, health, growth and development as well as early support, care and rehabilitation services and special services for children, young people and families. The aim of the psychologist services for children under school age is to support parenting, to identify the child's strengths and developmental problems as well as to support their development according to their age level in their various operating environments. Psychologist services for children under school age provide you with support, the aim of which is to support the development of the child, to identify the need for support early on as well as to provide parents with guidance and counselling. Your family can receive support from psychologist services, for example, if: - you need psychological support when expecting your baby or to face the challenges of everyday life with a baby, - you are finding it difficult to adapt to your new life situation or to being a parent, - you are concerned about things related to the behavior, concentration, or emotional regulation of your child under school age, or - you are concerned about how your child's consciousness and skills are developing. The work includes an assessment of your child's situation, guidance, and counselling and, if necessary, a cognitive examination. If necessary, the psychologist will assess your child's situation and level of development in cooperation with the other workers of the family centre, such as speech therapists, and with early childhood education. The psychologist services for children under school age are free of charge.

Conditions for receiving the Service

Children under school age are entitled to the service. An assessment or referral from a health care professional or an early childhood education teacher to receive the service. The need for a referral varies between municipalities. To obtain an assessment and/or a referral, please contact your municipality's maternity and child health clinic or bring the matter up with your child's day care provider.

The service is free of charge.

Do as follows

The services are intended for children under school age and families expecting children. You will find
the contact information and booking instructions by selecting your municipality in the menu below.