For families

We provide support where children and parents are: at home, in school and in early childhood education. If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Family centre

We support the health and development of children under school age and the well-being of the entire family.
We support the learning, health and well-being of pupils and students.
We support the development of children and we strive to improve their functional capacity in their daily lives through speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.
We support families when they face challenges related to raising children or parenting.
We provide your family with support for parenting, supporting the age-appropriate development of your child and for identifying problems.
We offer help and support for young people in problems related to mood, coping with daily living or substance abuse.
We support children, young people and their families so that children’s right to a safe growing environment is realised.
We provide help in the change situations families face and for issues related to agreements. We protect the well-being of children when their parents separate, for example.
We assess, observe, examine and treat pre-primary and primary school-age children from Espoo and help their families with major challenges related to child psychiatric issues.

Dental care

We conduct oral health examinations for children under school age according to individual needs.
We conduct oral health examinations for schoolchildren according to individual needs.
We offer oral health examinations and necessary follow-up care for students.

Health centre services

We treat and research diseases and support health promotion and disease prevention.
We provide free and voluntary vaccines as per the national vaccination programme.
We diagnose, rule out and screen illnesses and do follow-up on how the treatment is working.

Notification of concern

If you are concerned about the life management of your family member, friend, client or someone else you encounter, please submit a notification of concern.